Practice Areas

We are focussed on the following legal fields:

Estate Planning - Wills & Probates

Stefan Mannheim is a German Certified Inheritance Lawyer ("Fachanwalt für Erbrecht"). His focus is on estate planning, including a long track record in drafting wills and settling probates with assets in different foreign countries. He knows the different legal systems in Ireland and Germany, so he can "translate" your intentions into a last will that will work in both jurisdictions.

We also represent our clients in lawsuits in the areas of inheritance law and German inheritance/gift tax (Capital Acquisitions Tax). If you need a solicitor or barrister for litigation in Ireland, we can help you through our international expert networks.

More information about cross-border estate law in Germany is available on the websites German-Inheritance-Estate-Probate.Lawyer and Anwaltskanzlei Stefan Mannheim.

Employment Law

We are experienced in employment law, including the drafting of employment contracts between Irish employers and employees based in Germany.  If you need advise on domestic German, or on cross-border employment matters, we look forward to using our expertise to serve your legal needs.

We advise and represent employers as well as employees, which broadens our horizon and helps to identify possible solutions in our clients' individual cases that are beneficial for both sides.

Our legal services in the area of employment law include counselling, drafting employment contract and litigation at the labour tribunals in Germany.



Civil Law

The legal systems in Ireland and in Germany are quite different.  We help our clientele to successfully navigate through the "paragraph jungle" and to enforce claims in the other country.  For those practice areas we are not expert in, we can recommend other lawyers from our networks.


Notarisation is required for many legal transactions.  A German "Notar" is not necessarily what you will need to get a notarisation for the use in Ireland.  In most cases, we can notarise your signature and certify copies of documents for the use in Ireland or other Anglo-Saxon jurisdictions.

We are looking forward to assisting you with our experience in both, domestic as well as cross-border legal counselling, litigation and arbitration. For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us:


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